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Прошивка для Kikko Es 5.0

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Комплект прошивок для Necta Kikko ES

Изменения в версии 5.0


* The sw release Kikko Rev. 5.0 NEU is compatible only with Rev. 5.0 NEU of Relay Board.
* Management of Kikko-Snakky master-slave link. (The Sw. Kikko Rev.  NEU  can work only with 
Rev. Snakky 3.0 and Rev. Snakky SL 2.0 or upper).
* For the payment system setting it is used the menu In case of situation without payment 
system it is needed to set this parameter to OFF.
* Language of default: Русский. 
* Other available languages: Italiano, Francaise, English, Espanola, Deutsch, Polsky, Czech, 
Slovak, Croate, Finnish, Danish, Ungaria, Svenska, Srpski, Slovensko, Dutch, Romanian, Norge.
* SW compatible also with the new electronic boards.

Rev. 5.0 NEU
* KAIZEN-002839 Modified: Cup release time.
* PDQ-002261 Solved: Bank connection problems with Kikko e Snakky SL.
* PDQ-002508 Solved: Cyrillic display isn't well defined, difficult to read the strings.
* Management MDB and EVADTS protocol.
* Management Kit selection counter.
* Management spurt hot/cold mixer separate.
* Inserted Finnish and Danish languages.
* Automatic washing management.
* Management Energy Saving.
* Global powder dose setup.
* Dripping time programmable.
* Discount management changed.
* Up-Key management.
* Inserted into maintenance menu the dec. cycle erogation management.
* Modified one string in Swedish language and inserted Slovensko language.
* Inserted modify for four payment systems management in case of Kikko Snakky Snakky set:
Validatore, MDB, Executive, BDV.
* Up-Key management to read and write setup and statistics reading.
* Modified Up-Key management setup.
* MDB updated, Kikko and Snakky link management modified.
* Modified management of Energy Saving.
* Inserted only for instant layouts the management of fan only while selections are dispensed.
* In Austria 5 and 6 layout the Caffè Instant is the default, and can be sobstituted with Espress 
Coffee as preselection.
* Improved cashless management for MDB.
* Corrected dosers setting management.
* Corrected mobile spouts management during autotest.
* Corrected counter management.
* Inserted also for espresso version the fan management only during dispense. 
* SW management of “Fast connection” for coffee unit.
* SW compatible also with the new electronic boards.
* Management of programmable Z3000 coffee unit.
* Add new language Norge and erase Portuguese.
* Programmable fan management.
* Inserted some translation in Russian language.
* Inserted layout 7 and 8.
* Auto leading group position.
* Resolved the problem of the lack of sell of the reserved selection when a key with enough credit is 
* Inserted sell request enable to cashless with any credits.
* Solved a problem when kikko machine is set as Slave in a battery payment.
* Inserted VEND CASH SALE management.
* Eliminated E××HNIKA language.
* Corrected MDB statistic management (tubes money statistic).
* Inserted translations in Slovak language. 


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