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Kikko LB 3500 ESC5E-R/IQ

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Вышла новая прошивка для KikkoLB 2.5 Lvz

Очень много изменений с 2008 года и похоже добавили EVA-DTS. На днях будем проверять.

Версию 2.4 не выкладываю т.к. тут же вышла 2.5 с фиксами. Что было сделано в 2.4:

* The software release Kikko Rev. 2.4 LVZ is compatible only with the version Scheda Relè Rev.2.4 LVZ.

* Management of Kikko-Snakky master-slave link. (The Sw. Kikko Rev. 2.4 LVZ can work only with Rev. Snakky 3.0 and Rev. Snakky SL 2.0 or upper).

* For the payment system setting it is used the menu In case of situation without payment system it is needed to set this parameter to OFF.

* Language of default: Italiano.

* Other available languages: Francaise, Espanola, English, Deutsch, Portugues, Nederlands, Polsky, Czech, Slovak, Русский, Croate, Finnish, Danish, EΛΛΗΝΙΚΑ, Ungaria, Svenska, Srpski, Slovensko.

* For coffee-based selections where some water comes before the coffee the management of the pressure on the capsule has been changed

* Up-Key management to read/write set-up and read statistics.

* Improved management of hot water selection.

* Fan works only when the beverage is dispensed.

* SW management of “self-repositioning” for the coffee unit.

* SW compatible also with the new electronic boards.

* Introduced the chance to wash the Coffee Unit both automatically (TECH. 2.6.5) and manually (TECH.

* Introduced the check which does not allow automatic washing (for mixing bowls and brewer) if the machine has not been switched on from at least one hour.

* The way the rotor (of the volumetric counter) failure is managed has been changed when it is due to a coffee selection (water gets through the capsule too slowly).

* The management of the “mezzaluna” (metal plate fitted between the shelf and the brewer to allow the brewer to reposition correctly at the end of the cycle) has been added.

* Increased the pause between the closure of the valve to create pressure and the repositioning of the brewer.

* When chosen by specific button or by password, introduced the management of washing brewer and mixing bowls in a row, while the automatic washing of the parts are still separated.

* The time the fan works can be managed: either continuously (default setting) or only for a while (during the selection and just few seconds after).

* Introduced L03 and L04 lay-out with cold selections (cold unit should be fitted).

* Management of without sugar programmable function



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А для обычного Кикко ЕС6 нет свежих прошивок с ЕВА-ДТС ?


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