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Eprom Date 18/12/2014 Rev. 2.7 IFE

* Inserted the possibility to set fan management, between continuous way or for a while (continuous by default).

* Update Layout.

* Add emptying air break function.

* Different price for Decaffeinated preselection.

* Update MDB and EVADTS protocol.

* Auto learning group position.

* Pre-heating group function default to off for all selection

* Inserted Catalan language.

* Inserted global powders setting.

* Price variation management of the “Withouth Cup” preselection in Price Holding configuration.

* Inserted Slovak translations and modified some Slovak strings.

* Inserted Boiler Boost heating for Instant selections (Espresso boiler boost for 10 seconds for Instant selections with water doses less than 90 cdv and relative elettrovalve not used per for almost 180 seconds).

* Differentiated prices management is available for EXECUTIVE payment system not in Price Holding configuration.

* Inserted Price List MDB management.

* Inserted MDB Slave Price List.

* Inserted MDB USER GROUP management.

* Inserted DEXUCS management.

* Inserted EVADTS programmable parameters (selection of EVADTS protocol (DDCMP, DEXUCS), selection of the communication mode (ALWAYS EVADTS, IRDA, RS232), UNDEFINED LENGHT enable function, Baud Rate selection, selezione tipo di comunicazione DDCMP (fixed and ENANCHED).

* Inserted Master EVADTS management.

* Inserted Slave EVADTS statistics extraction for Slave supported.

* Inserted Romana language.

* Changed management water failure.

* Inserted programmable timer booking menu

* Battery management modify with self detect, spontaneous events and statistics from prepared slaves and of vending machine itself configured as slave with other vending machine with same management

* Resolved PDQ 12-139: no possibility to make a zero price selection with a cashless payment system

* Display block solved entering into Minislave menu’ after bank initialising with slave switched off.

* Reset command available also if VMC is not setted as slave.

* Modified menu string of reset Slave with “Reset Slave”.

* Correction of credit management error with a virtual selection and with both selections failure.

* Modify of IRDA management: noise from external events (es. neon lights neon - PDQ 13-168), read out after going out from menu’.

* “Immediate change” string modified in Spanish.

* PDQ-001250: improper statistics reset for spurious IRDA read out, solved also VMC reset with IRDA read-out.

* PDQ-001374:VMC block in warming up for 10 seconds after two or three selections of The or Cappuccino.

* PDQ-001515: EVATDS trace solved in relation to CA401, CA403, DA202, DA204, LA fields.

* Battery management self-detect improved in particular for three machines bank not described.

* VMC block solved with Executive Price Holding with Immediate Change.

* Correction of Slave 2 failure not displayed into failure menu when VMC detects also a Slave 1 failure.

* Introduced Setup and Statistics Minislave management;

* Strenghening of EVATDS management in bank.

* Slave 1 and Slave 2 failures are displayed only into failures menu’.

* Correction of credit management with VMC in bank with Executive and Immediate change off and all selections of a virtual selection failed.

* Correction of bank blocked with VMC blocked at power on with sw of Minislave detected as engine board sw version.

* Inserted “Sans Sucre Italia” and “Test Messaggio di Ripristino” management.

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