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Прошивки для SnakkySL

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Прошивки для SnakkySL

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Прошивки для SnakkySL.

Что нового смотреть в описании к файлу. Русский есть в прошивке EEU. Выдержка с изменениями из EEU.



SW compatible with Fujitsu 90F549 and with Fujitsu 90F345 (new electronic).

* Management of master-slave link; this Rev. of SnakkySL can work as Slave of:

Kikko Rev 4.0 IFE, NEU or upper

Snakky Rev. 3.0 or upper

Brio3 Rev. 2.7 IFE or upper

Colibri Top Rev. 1.3 or upper


* Available languages are: Polish, Slovenian, Russian, Rumanian, Magyar, English.



*Added Master-Slave capability with Colibri Top Rev. 1.3 or upper


Rev 3.3

-KAIZEN_IND2017_058_Modifies to SL Snakky and Melodia software simulator.


Rev 3.2

PDQ-002308 Setting price n°10 selection.

PDQ-002766 Activation price Holding Slave.


Rev 3.1

Bank connettivity improvement.


Rev 3.0

Machine reset solved into Virtual selection and Twin-engine selection menu’.

EVADTS tables initialization reduced as new gamma. Remote print time reduced (printing is done at x3 if remote printing is active).

Inserted bank setup management.

Inserted sw version display management.

Correction of EVADTS format file.

Bank connettivity improvement.

Rev 2.9

Management self-presentation DA in battery (only if DA master implements the self-recognition).

Virtual price return menu’ cancelled. It is not managed on pure slave.

With Immediate Change active is displayed on master “Take the product” or “Failed selection”.

Rev 2.6

Solved the PDQ 07-005, 07-006, 07-013 related to problems found during the motor activation.

Rev 2.6

Solved the PDQ 07-005, 07-006, 07-013 related to problems found during the motor activation.

Rev 2.5

Solved a problem found at the motor activation.

Rev. 2.4

Solved the PDQ 06/105.

Rev. 2.3

Resolved a possible malfunctioning found to the ignition of the machine.

Rev. 2.8

Changed engine identification time, solves the related problem reported by production.

Changed antitheft time PQD 11-059.

Rev. 2.2

Solved the PDQ 06/054. Arranged a wrong visualization during the SetUp loading through Psion

Rev. 2.1

Introduced a security time-out during the motor spiral activation.


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